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    Just wised up and bought a "skin" case its pretty well made, tough skins . It would be ALOT nicer if I could get to my card without taking the case off.

    Anyway, my fear was that the case is gonna rip during a battery or card change. So, I figured I'd lube it up. Vasaline was the first try. Then there's that whole latex and patrolium thing. So it was back to the drawing board. then it hit me! Wax! Chapstick!

    So, There you go. smear a little on the inside of the skin case and your in business.
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    Or, just cut a little around the cardslot like I did for my Spec skin. That way I didnt have to take it off and on.

    OTOH, the holster didnt like it when I did that, it would catch on the skin.

    Just thought Id throw my $.02 in.
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