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    People are sending me their photos and I can't view them using my Treo 650. Do I need to download some software? Earthlink is my provider.
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    How are they sending, MMS, beaming? What format are they in?
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    I'm not sure how they're sending it. Definitely not beaming though, or email. I was texting her while she was sending it to me yesterday from her regular sprint phone or something.

    If I have to use a different method or software to match multiple ways and formats someone can send me a photo...I think I'll just forget about trying to accept other peoples photos until technology improves. With the technological capabilities these's mind boggling to me that the process hasn't been narrowed down to a touch of a button. Frustrating.
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    My personal feeling on this is that emailing them is the best way. It seems like some providers take a pic that your sending someone else and puts it on their server, instead of sending the pic straight to you. Then they send you a link where you can go look at that file or download it or something. This is what happened when a friend that was on Sprint sent me a pic. I finally told him to stop sending pics because it never worked and i wasn't going to jump through all those hoops just to see a pic. I've got TMo and my s.o. has Verizon and we can successfully send each other picture messages (MMS?). He's on 700P i'm on 680.
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