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    To make a long story short my 700p was run over by a car going ~50mph. Needless to say it's been destroyed and my 2gb SD card is toast too.

    The reason I'm posting this is my dealing with the insurance company, Asurion. I bought the insurance plan when I bought the phone at the VZW store. Anyways, my dealings with them were absolutely great. I called them on Sunday night and was on the phone with them for less than 5 minutes. My replacement 700p is being shipped today, Monday and will be delivered tomorrow, Tuesday. The only downside was the $50 deductible.
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    great. now did you backup you sd card?

    insurance is great. I have had to use it as well. what I do for backup is make a copy of my storage card on my pc. I also keep a copy of the device backup files on the pc as well.

    good luck, cody
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    Yep, I had NVBackup backup to the sd card and I'd copy the sd card to my pc a few times a week. So luckily I haven't lost any data that I know of :-)

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