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    Is it possible to hook up a laptop to a treo with the data package and somehow piggy back off of that to get internet access to the laptop?
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    Yup, but the carrier may not be happy ... if you don't abuse it, will probably get by with doing this.

    Think you are looking for PdaNet - should be able to google it.

    good luck
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    do a search for DUN... Dial Up Networking...
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    Yes you can definitely can. My company is looking to do this with Alltel. You can purchase a conectivity kit and a data package and it will work. Beware-Not all Treos will work with the various versions of windows. Make sure you tell your cellular provider what version of Windows you have on your laptop. To my knowledge there is nothing Treo that works with Windows Vista.
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    My cable modem was out so I had to use my sprint 700p to get online.

    I used both PDAnet and USB Modem. Both worked.
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    Or, you could check this thread out:

    This thread is assuming youre using a 700P.
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    Guys thanks for the help, this is incredible. My wife just had a baby this week and when both are sleeping I can get some work done on my laptop using my treo phone as an internet gateway. This makes that data package SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT. Thanks for the tip. I used the pdanet program for my 700w.

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