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    They say even though we have heard these rumors before its different this time.

    Several sources note that such rumors have made the rounds before, but this time they appear to be more serious. (See Palm & Handspring: Will They, Won't They?) They say that Morgan Stanley has been running the deal and that, in addition to Nokia and Motorola, one or more private equity players may be interested.

    Levy says Motorola and Nokia have emerged as the front-runners to buy Palm, as both could use the company's technology to patch weak spots in their product portfolios. Motorola could "push itself over the top in the smartphone market" by adding Palm's Treo line to its own offerings, according to Levi. Much of Motorola's less-than-stellar fourth-quarter performance stemmed from the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company's handset division. (See Motorola Profit Falls 48%.)

    Motorola also recently bought wireless email technology startup Good Technology, which had worked very closely with Palm on optimizing its software with the Treo phones. (See Motorola Gets Good.)

    Nokia, meanwhile, could use the Treo line to give itself a much-needed boost in the North American market, particularly with enterprise customers. This was one of the few blots on the Espoo, Finland-based vendor's fourth-quarter report. The firm simply has not been able to crack the U.S. business market with its E-Series smartphone. The addition of Palm's product line would make Nokia a much more serious competitor to mobile email maven Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM - message board; Toronto: RIM) in the U.S. (See Nokia's Profits Up 16%.)
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    I think negotiations will begin in a year or so. I don't see palm as a stand alone company for much longer.

    even if the sherlock ( or clusoe ) is a hit, its gonna take more than just one device for palm to grow.
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    I dont know about next year, the word this time seems to be all over WS.
    I remember when palmsource was bought out for 250% premium and that was when no one expected that buyout.
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    The stock isn't acting like there's a deal in the works. I think it's wishful thinking by some folks who have held their shares of PALM far too long.
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    I love that Palm is independent as it is more nimble to adapt to market response. Yes, I know, that the physical form factor of the Treo hasn't changed much over time, but that is the market demand as seen from corporate users. I used to work in banking and real estate finance and the Treos and Blackberrys seem to be preferred there.

    However, if a buyout were to occur, I'd rather see Motorola own Palm than Nokia. Nokia's going to try and push more Symbian and S60 onto the Palm hardware. I like POS and Windows Mobile. Motorola could innovate on top of that and perhaps slim down the phone a little.
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    Agreed Nokia will leave Palm bleed to dead slowly. Hopefully Palm is only using Nokia to leverage the price.

    Actually a random Chinese ODM is better than Nokia.

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