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    It seems most modern phones out there (even the relatively underpowered and low memory devices), have a usable JVM available. One that provides MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 with several of the following important API's :

    Wireless Messaging API (JSR-120)
    Mobile Media API (JSR-135)
    Bluetooth API (JSR-82)
    FileConnection and PIM API (JSR-75) <-- Supported by Palms implementation
    Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234)
    CDC 1.0 (JSR-36)
    Personal Profile (JSR-62)
    Foundation Profile (JSR-46)
    Web Services API (JSR-172) <-- Supported by Palms implementation

    The limited API support available on PalmOS devices cripples most Java development, such a huge shame given the potential of the new Palm devices.
    All we have is the aged J9 J2ME (WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment) developed in conjunction with IBM over two years ago.

    Where did Palms enthusiasm for Java go ?
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    Personally, if you need to rely on java to program app, you migh as well not bother. All java app have horrible GUI (see opera).

    You are right most dumb phone have better java support, but they only support signed code so it good does it do you?
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    Because Java is like Linux?
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    Wouldn't you think it's pretty key since it's already the de-facto software platform on mobiles with something like a billion phones installed base. I don't think many of these application developers are going to want to port their apps to whatever C-based SDK Palm is offering currently.

    For an example of great and good looking Java MIDlets, just look at Salling Clicker or Semacode, so it's not entirely fair to say they all have terrible GUI's...
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    unless you write your own GUI by drawing your own Canvas (which Opera & Google do), the basic form elements must be simple enough so that those apps are compatible with the most basic of phones.

    Anyway, the lack of threading in Palm OS really limits what these J2ME apps can do. take a look at the Google Maps j2me client: It locks up within seconds because it's making several calls for different map blocks at once. Palm OS can't handle this. Take a look at Opera Mini, try hitting a link and then try tapping on different links while it's processing, it's going to lock up.

    So why would anyone invest in making Palm's J2ME support more robust? Palm has acknowledged working on a Linux successor (not specifically ALP), ALP has full support for J2ME out of the Box.
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    Palm has acknowledged working on a Linux successor
    where ?
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    I said that based on a comment made on one of Palm's quarterly calls.

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