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    I bought a 700P from Sprint in December. The Versamail application didn't perform as well as an old Eudora client I had on my 600. At the time of purchase I also switched from Windows to Mac so I could not sync my old phone to the new one. I beamed over Eudora and it worked fine until this week. Now everytime I check mail the phone does a soft reset. I tried deleting the Eudora scratchpad but it doesn't seem to help and immediately comes back. I can't even delete messages to free up space- it resets when try (I figured this might help even though tons of space is available). Are there any ideas to get this working again? I guess I can try hard reset but then would have to reload everything and I'm not sure it is all backed up on Mac. I think I am only syncing Entourage but not making back ups of other applications and preferences.

    Thx for any help.
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    I do not believe Eudora is still supported and that in itself indicates that it really is not meant to be used with devices using the NVFS system. I used Eudora back on my Kyocera 6135...I would urge you to try ChatterEmail or SnapperEmail.

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    It worked fine for 2 mths. I was able to copy the application to memory card so I could delete it from Treo. I copied it back to Treo and put email settings back in. It seems to work fine now.

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