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    Just a thought given a couple other threads here, but if Palm, for some God knows why reason, orphaned the Palm OS users, either going totally WM, or with their own OS that was not terribly backward compatible, and some other hardware manufacturers picked up ALP with the Garnett emulator, would you seriously consider leaving Palm? Personally, I have no desire to switch to WM and have enough of an investment in Palm apps that I'd probably switch to another hardware manufacturer than switch OS's. Of course, I guess it also largely depends on the form factor of the other hardware.


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    I will not be using WM. Period.

    With the next gen of multimedia Blackberries coming out (I need the email/calendar for work) BB seems like the only really viable competitor to the POS Palms. If they don't fix my 700p soon will be jumping to BB.

    I had a BB 7300 and hated it. But BB has improved and Palm seems to have gone backwards if anywhere.

    ALP looks promising though. We will see.
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    No...I wouldn't switch. Too stuck in my ways...
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    I have had the last month with a 750 (mental note to get that review done asap) and while its nice, much nicer than most other WM phones (the BJ is a close second), its just not as friendly as my 680 is.

    I do have to admit, WM6 does seem to address a LOT of the issues I and others have had. If I had no other choice, and needed 3G (realized that I don't as much as I just would like voice and data at the same time) then I would go...

    Symbian :P
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    I think I will be switching.
    1. More and more it seems like having a device the can multi-task is a must.
    2. WM6 with Equal res
    3. Spb Mobile Shell
    4. Other improvements in WM6 like full HTML emails
    Those 4 reason alone are pushing me off Palm OS edge. All I need is a 750 for Sprint.

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