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    Im wondering if their is an application to list to fm radio on a palm treo. I have t-mobile and Im usign the treo 680.
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    Im wondering if their is an application to list to fm radio on a palm treo.
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I think you are looking for a program that will give you a menu of internet "radio" stations similar to what ShoutCast does on the PC. There are several programs that will stream various media formats (audio and video, music, etc.) but if you are looking for a program that gives you a menu of choices and then streams those (and streams in many formats), the closest match is Kinoma Player EX 4. (Latest version is 4.1.1.) On a 680, you won't have enough bandwidth to play things labeled as "WiFi" in their menus and you typically won't be able to stream video. The program also has an option to "prefer downloads over streaming" which will download things like podcasts to your card. Kinoma Player works well on a Treo 700p.

    Another option that has worked very well for me on a Treo 600 (less powerful than your 680) is PocketTunes Deluxe. I've purchased version 3 (which might come free on your 680 or on the CD). The Deluxe version allows streaming. You'll have to search the Internet in Blazer (or on your PC) to find ".pls: files. If you open those in Blazer, or email them to your Treo, Ptunes should start playing them and will remember them from then on. Ptunes has come out with a version 4, which may be more geared to what you want than what I wanted. It has some menus of radio stations. Its menus are not as nice as Kinoma's but streams in the background, which is useful if you need to do other things at the same time.
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