I'm trying to get some pros and cons on these two devices as far as which one is better. I'm currently with Sprint and have the Treo 700wx however i'm ready to switch over to Cingular for better service and faster connection speeds for internet. For those of you out there that have the 8525 or the 750 or have tried both out, could you please share your experiences with them and how well you liked both units. I already know the 8525 would be 10x's better for texting due to the full keyboard, which is a plus for me b/c i avg. right at 1000 texts/month. I'm looking for overall use, functionality, internet speeds... I know the T750 uses EDGE, however the 8525 uses the fastest speed out there and also has WI-FI. SPeaking of the Wi-Fi, is it an advantage of having the WI-FI with the 8525 and the 750 not having it even though the 750 is still 3G? I'm a lil confused about that.

Any info. and/or experiences you all can share with me would be greatly appreciated.