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    I own a 650 and I am just starting to get into learning the full potential of this device. In the meantime my work is starting to discuss the possibility of getting all of our technicians Treos and or the UT Starcomm. Does anyone know how the Starcomm would stack up against the Treo. For those of you who are not familiar with the Starcomm here it is:

    My second question is about viewing documents on the Treo. While one of our techs was looking at a Treo he noticed that documents are not viewable in there entirety without scrolling up/down and left to right. Is there anyway to improve this situation? While I understand the screen of the Treo is limited, it seems like there would be a better way to work on documents. Thanks for your help.
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    The only thing I see at the moment in an excel spreadsheet I have on my Treo 700P with DTG 8.003 is the ability to select the magnifying glass icon and choose small, medium or large text -- it appears that the default is medium and small allows me to see 2 more columns and 6 more rows of the spreadsheet. . . . .

    Scrolling is not an issue for me. . . . I have to do it on my PC . . . just not as often.
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    Picsel Viewer
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Picsel Viewer
    Does this shrink the document you are viewing? What does this allow you to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Hmmm...I like it. I will have to try the demo version. Thanks for the tip guys.
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    PicselViewer does allow you to zoom in and out and see the full document and looks very clean too

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