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    everytime I am typing...and I press the m button...when the m is at the end of a treo tries to launch the Memos application and fails and does a soft is driving me crazy!!!! i tried looking at everything...butler/phone technician....and can't seem to figure it out...i never even mapped the 'm' key to i dont know why this is doing that....does anyone have any ideas...thanks
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    LaunchAnywhere loaded? I had the same thing happening and that was it.
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    yea i do have it loaded.....i went into preferences...and i don't even see an option where it assigns 'm' to memo...or to uncheck it...ill just try uninstalling it as i dont use it much anyways...thanks for the tip

    edit: i removed launch anywhere and its back to normal!! thanks...that was driving me nuts
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    Launch-Anywhere has hot-key support and by default a quick "m" launches the memos application. Deleting the quick "m" entry means it no longer launches the memos application, meaning you can reinstall LA and continue on.


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