Can anyone take me through the steps to setup Sprint Business Connection..I have downloaded desktop client to my PC (not the server) and the Treo client to my 700P.....

I generally connect my desktop PC to our office exchange server either via Citrix or Remote Desktop....However even after making such a connection to the server, the Biz connection software indicates that it cannot locate the server ....

Question-1 ..must my desktop be "on the domain" or can I be connected via remote desktop (or Citrix)..

and 2. even if I were to connect to the Exchange server and have Biz connect find the server, how will it "know" to fetch only my emails and not the emails of other users on the exchange platform. Where in the setup process does one enter his Exchange settings?

Thirdly, does Sprint Biz connection interact with Outlook installed on my local desktop machine or is it polling Outlook on the exchange Server ..

Sorry if my questions do not make sense..I am trying this for the first time as a solution for true exchange push email..I tried the new Versamail push exchange solution but it takes over your calendar and contact data on the Treo too, and I want to continue synching those items with palm desktop.

Any help would be appreciated