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    I have a new Sprint Q and want a very simple SMS beep. I seem to remember my T650 had a beep for SMS (was two quick beeps). Anyone have that? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    No, not that one. It's like *beep* *beep* (the same tone twice). Actually I believe it's the original SMS tone on the T650. I appreciate the effort!
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    You now have a Q????
    Traitor!! No ringtone for you!
    Where are we?? And why am I in this handbasket?!?!?!?
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    Perhaps the one you want is included here...

    Quote Originally Posted by

    Treo 650 MIDI Ringtones
    (for Palm OS)
    By Palm

    Category: Main/Palm OS/Ringtones and MIDI

    Tested with: 600, 650

    Last updated: 18 Jun, 2005

    Downloads: 8587 (46 this week)


    Licence: Freeware

    The 28 default MIDI ringtones included with the Treo 650. Can be used as a replacement for the Treo 600 tones.

    The ZIP contains all the individual tones in *.MID format plus a completel "MIDI Ring Tones.pdb" database suitable for direct HotSync/copy to your Treo (will replace existing tones).

    Also see Treo 600 MIDI Ringtones.

    Note: For help on downloading, installing and managing MIDI files and ringtones, see the "Ringtones Help" section of our FAQ.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing this database WILL OVERWRITE ANY OTHER MIDI RINGTONES YOU HAVE INSTALLED. For information on installing individual ringtones from this database, please see this page on Ringtones Help in our Knowledge Base.

    No editor review is currently available for this download.
    Current rating: 9.0 (26 Votes)

    Rate this Download --10987654321

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    User: brianelkins Rating: 10 18 Feb, 2006
    After I did a hard reset and reinstalled all my apps, lo and behold one of my favorite ringtones had changed--Klavier now sounded like a piano! This database restored the correct sound. Thanks!

    User: gspda Rating: 10 12 Dec, 2005
    Excelent. Now I can use some Treo 650 midis with my Treo 600.

    User: mehunefer79 Rating: 9 21 Jun, 2005
    Great, now I'm getting near to treo 650. I love Treo Techno.mid

    User: shoobaka1 Rating: 9 19 Jan, 2005
    great stuff


    Ringtones from the Treo 650 as shipped by PalmOne. Can also be used on the Treo 600.

    Tones included:

    Alarm Flute
    Alarm Triangle

    Alert Beep
    Alert Bells
    Alert Swoosh

    Alert Waterfall
    Bach Partita
    Bach Sonata

    Blues 12 Bar
    Blues Slow

    Loud Aria

    Modern Hi
    Modern Lo
    Modern Short

    No Sound
    Ringer Loud

    Ringer Quick
    Ringer Short Long

    Treo Classic
    Treo Techno

    Up Down

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