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    Its been a fun ride from the time I got my first Palm device back about 10 years ago. I started with this forum last year with my Treo 650, and you guys very helpful. Now that I have decided Palm does not care enough ( and will not care ) to update their product line to bring it up to speed with the competition, I have jumped ship to the world of the Blackberries ( crackberries ).

    Hopefully Palm will realize how behind they are in features, form factor, etc, but after seeing ( and trying out ) the 700,750, and 680 devices, it is apparent that it is not in my best interest to sit around and wait for them to do so.

    For those who remain and are happy with their Palm devices, I wish you the best of luck now and into the future.

    Best Regards,

    John Gooch

    P.S. I may post again if I cannot find out how to have my Treocentral account deleted. Otherwise, this is my last post.
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    Hi John!

    Like I said here:

    Don't be stranger.

    Cheers, Perry.

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