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    I have been using Gmail directly on Blazer on my Treo (700p, but should work on any version.) It only works in the html version since ActiveX is needed for the Standard View and is not available on the palm Treo. The format for the html version has just changed. There is now a delete button which makes using this version much easier. There has always been a check box available. This is not the mobile version; it is the full version but in html. Since this gives access to the actual server, when you archive, delete, or move a message it is done. To me this is the easiest way to do Gmail on the Treo and it has just gotten easier.
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    I agree, I really like the basic html version, much better than the mobile version. Faster two since it loads more of the messages, you actually save time, especially for quick replying, the box is already at the bottom.
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