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    I am a diehard Treo 650 lifer. So much so that when I redesigned my website, I knew I wanted to create a mobile version for Treo and PDA users. Please check it out at

    Its still a work in progress as I haven't found a way to shrink or disable the images automatically and the forums are not optimized, but I doubt you'll find a gaming website as comprehensize as ours that has a complete mobile version.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    The site looks a little broken with regards to graphics, but otherwise is an easy read. However, you definetly need to do something about size: the home page weighs in at well over 100kb.

    Good job!
    -Craig J.

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    Yeah, I would recommend users turn off images in their browsers until I can figure out something with the content manager.

    I'll try to keep the image sizes down on the homepage. Thansk for the tip.

    smart reviews for serious gamers
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