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    Hi, I got a Treo 650 a few days ago and have been unsucessfully configuring and re-configuring the phone trying to set up E-mail. I have found that I can't use Cingular's Xpress mail because the PC application required is only for Windows (I have a Mac), and that Versamail's simple, seemingly foolproof setup renders nothing. I set up my AOL account on Versamail, entering all the settings I found in the guide on Palm's site ( as the incoming server, as the outgoing, Port 143 as incoming without SSL, and 587 as outgoing with SSL). It's not that I'm encountering problems with the Emails I receive; there is absolutely no activity (I don't receive anything) and when I try to send an E-mail, it says either client authentication required or unable to connect to Surely someone has run into a problem like this before, can anyone help?!
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    For send: Try Port 25 for SMTP, no SSL.

    For receive, what happens if you hit "Get"?

    Also, when you set up your AOL account, you chose IMAP instead of POP, correct?
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