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    Hi guys...I am going to be getting a new SD card soon and wanted to be able to transfer my current backups on my 1gb sd card to my new 2gb sd card. How do I go about that? NVBackup directly writes to your SD Card and if I put in a new SD..those backups will be how do i go about this? Thanks
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    You could use a card reader to make a copy of your present card and then transfer the data to the new card. Or, you might want to look at Card Reader and or Card Export. These will use the Treo as a card reader. Card Reader is very good but can be a little slow if you have very large amounts of data. Good Luck!
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    Best way is to use a computer and card reader to pull everything off your old card and transfer it onto your new one.
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    A PC & a card reader always works for me too.
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    Ditto to what cop, ram and rev said. . . . .
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    Thanks guys...I'll try card export.....

    Could I also use backup buddy for PC and just back it up that way..and forget about NVBackup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    A PC & a card reader always works for me too.
    YEah def.
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    Give your new card the same name as your old one to help avoid bumps.

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