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    Hello everyone !!

    I'm new to this forum. After buying a Motorola Q and returning it because the software I wish to use wouldn't run on it, I've decided to take the Treo plunge.

    The only question is "Which one ?" .

    First of all, I trade the foreign currency exchange (Forex) online. Very similar to online stock trading, but I'm trading foreign currencies instead of stocks.

    Not as an occupation, just a hobby. (supplement to my income of my 9-5 J.O.B.) - Only when I profit !! hehehehe !!

    Anyways, to make a short story "long" , I use metatrader 4 trading platform by metaquotes. My broker (IBFX) says the Treo phones will support the mobile trading platform. My questions are :

    1 ) Anybody on here tried FX trading on their Treo ? If so, how do the charts, indicators, etc ... work ? Which brokers/platforms ? Any stock or other security traders tried the Treo? Which Treo ?

    2 ) From what i've been reading, EVDO seems to be a faster and a more advanced broadband technology. Which means my choices are Sprint/Nextel (700wx) or Verizon ( 700p or 700w).

    According to the Sprint/Nextel broadband "Powervision" coverage map, I live in an area which is not broadband supported. However, Verizon broadband is supported. Since I need a fast connection, I guess i'm stuck with Verizon.

    I come to this conclusion, because from what I've been reading, EVDO is much faster than GSM. However, there is new GSM technology such as : HSPDA, WCDMA, UMTS, 3G, 4G, etc .... which are as fast or faster than EVDO. But, these are not applicable in my area (rural area) either.

    3 ) I've considered an "unlocked" phone. But, unlocking only pertains to GSM phones in the US. I've decided on Verizon 1 or 2 year contract, but I'm not crazy about the $ 79.99 / month contract.

    4 ) I know the 700p has the POS & 700w(x) has the WM 5 OS. Besides the screen resolution being better on the POS, what makes it a better/worse phone ? I've been reading that the POS is better than WM. Why ?

    5 ) To use it for an online trading platform, which model would you recommend ?

    Any comments, ideas, or insight appreciated ! Feel free to comment.
    TIA !

    - outofdebt
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    I tried both the p and the wx for Sprint. I happen to like the p better, but I think that's only because it seems to be more compatible with the bluetooth in my car. I was thinking of switching to the Q. Can you upload, read and edit word, excel, powerpoint and pdf files?
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    I returned my Q after 1 week. I don't know if you can upload pdf the office prograams with it. I didn't try it. I think you can though.
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    I'm not sure if eSignals Windows software will run on the 700wx (resolution problems?), but it definitely will not run on the 700p. I have a feeling that the wx is better supported in the field of finance. I have a 700p which is still the all around King of the Hill.

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