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    I am not sure if it happens to any of you.

    My contacts has about 3,000+ records, The problem I have is, when I edit some old contact records (adding information in the "notes" field). I hit the DONE button when finished. (((((( What I wrote in there is not memorize.))))) I look back the contact I just edited, the thing I wrote is not there at all.

    Is there any solution to correct this may be corrupted contacts.

    I can tell you it is not happen to all contacts but some. It's a really headache for me as I always copy important info from snappermail and paste to the contact. If I do not look back after I hit done button I would never know., and those important info is never saved in my contacts.

    regards edmond
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    Did you ever add any contacts via the app, Directory Assistant? One of the older versions of DA would produce contacts with this same note problem.
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