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    I did it once but couldn't remember the steps! It's frustrating but how do you categorize your documents n memos? I can't find it in the pdf manual at all. pLS HELP
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    Hi Mooky!

    Open a memo
    Click on the box in the upper right corner
    select the category you wish to assign to the memo
    or select edit category to create a new category . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    Hi gtwo, thanks for the reaply I did it in memo but can't seem to do the same thing in documents, the box only appears in the main menu in documents.
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    On the main page in Docs To Go, next to each document is a little icon. Tap the icon, it gives you a drop down list. Tap details and you can change the category on that page...
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    thanks got it!!

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