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    Hi, I'm have a treo 680 and am using a 1 gig mini sd card. Thinking of upgrading to a bigger memory card like a 2 gig or 4 gig? What's the biggest available? Does it slow down the search when I use an sd card with big memory space with lots of data inside of it?

    I came across some sd cards that claims to be faster.. can't remember the name though.. does it work?
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    Man I'm in your shoes..but can't afford another size atm...but from what I've read as you go up it slows down a bit (not noticebale at 2 or 4, but 8 GB i think) and you have to make sure you're getting a highspeed card (e.g. 150x)....guess it's like a hard drive ..the mroe to assess and read/write to the longer the loading.
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    4GB Transcend 150x SD card.

    only 350MB left

    Overall impression of card in use:

    Write Speed of card:

    VFSMark Score: 580 to 620

    This 4GB is slower on the write than my Sandisk Blue 2GB was -- but I was looking for more "real estate" and not speed necessarily.

    In use . . . . music, video playback, spreadsheet access, program access, photo access . . . . . remain the same as before . . . . just the write speed is off the scale slow for me on this card -- I cannot say that is the case for all users of this card -- just my current experience with this individual card.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Using a sandisk 2gb. I thought I'd put more movies on it, but after you successfully rip and convert a couple, the novelty quickly wears off. I haven't put any new movies on my card in a while, so I still have a lot of room left (maybe 600 mbs)
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    Toshiba 2GB.
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    4GB Transcend 150x SD card. Reliable and reasonable speed for the size of the card. One of the most popular cards for the Treo.
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    Just upgraded from 1GB to a 4GB SanDisk Blue SDHC. Had to modify my custom rom for SDHC but it went smoothly. I can't get use to watching movies on the small sceen but have about 1.5GB of music plus Tomtom Nav6 and a few eBooks. Still leaves about 1.5GB available. Got the card for $43 including shipping off eBay. VFSMark 705 which is better than my 1GB was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by copernicus View Post
    4GB Transcend 150x SD card. Reliable and reasonable speed for the size of the card.
    Same here.
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    8GB transcend HS class2 works great no complaints books on tape,cartoons for the kids , music , pics, there getting cheeper
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    I have a 1 GB card, which is plenty for me.

    You have to understand that its not the size that matters. Most important is what you do with what you have.
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    As most of you, 4GB Transcend 150x SD card. No problems here...
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    4GB 150x A-Data sd card (700wx) and 4GB noname (samsung) mini sd card (750). I've had 2 A-Data's (lost one) and they work fine. I'm on my first week using the 4GB mini, but so far so good.
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    Transcend 4GB 150X in my Treo 680 and it works fine.
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    Mine is a 2gb PNY card. Its worked great in my 680 and in my old 600. In fact, its only like 1/2 full.
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    I've got the standard 1 GB Palm card. I'm waiting to see what larger cards folks seem to have the best luck with. So far it looks like either the SanDisk Blue 4 GB or Transcend 8GB, depending on price.
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    mine is known throughout the industry for its size....

    lol. couldn't resist.
    but seriously, 1 GIG.
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    I am using 2 sandisk 1gb cards and I have 4 movies on each. I have a holder that holds 5 cards and I would like to carry movies music and games. So what is the biggest card I can use without making any changes to my treo 650?
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    where are you guys getting your movies?

    oh and i have a 1gb but waiting to get 8gb+ once the prices drop and I decide on a digicam.
    hhhmm maybe I'll get a few large cards one for each once prices drop drastically...
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    Panasonic 256 MB. I really don't use my Treo for looking at pics, music, or video.
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    I am using dvd studio to rip and decode them from the dvd and they look and sound great 4/5 cd quality and get all the detailed sound as fine as water runnng and guns cocking in action movies.
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