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    You can use Chatter for email and Versa to sync the rest of the PIM databases. Now we know why Marc never developed a PIM sync application.
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    The download is available right now. I already installed it on my Verizon Treo 700P and it works GREAT!!!!!!

    Go to:

    and download the .prc file over the air and you are all set to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webedc View Post
    I don't mind spending more to see a fully integrated Chatter with Global Address Lookup, Calendar etc sync simply because Marc (Chatter author) has been a great guy with a superb product. But come to think more about it, why do I do this if VersaMail with the update can handle everything for 'free' and it's available now (sorry, should be Monday) if I only need to deal with my Exchange emails, calendar, contacts, etc? The only reason maybe the stability issue. But I personally haven't tried VersaMail 3.5 so I really can't compare.
    One reason is that the Exchange administrators can shove all kinds of security requirements and policies and even remotely erase all the data on your Treo.

    That may fly for corporate-issued devices, but I don't want the corporate types to have that level of control over my Treo.

    Seriously, this guy at work (who frequents this board, BTW) has been going crazy to hack his Registry (700wx) to bypass the password requirements.
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    Now that this update has been released, I wanted to consider using it either in conjunction with Chatter (for PIM) or to replace Chatter (which I really love). I have a few questions:

    1) For mail, can I reply from different addresses like in Chatter?
    2) As soon as I launch VM for the first time (even if I don't go through the whole setup), pressing the phone button takes me immediately to the phone app but there is a slight delay for the Sprint name to come up on the upper left and the "bullseye" for location GPS. I have tested this many times by hard resetting and restoring with backupman and this delay ONLY happens when I start versamail for the first time. Is this normal? Is this causing a real delay in the OS or just for these inconsequential items?
    3) Since I don't have anything set up in Versamail, I do not see an option to sync as items arrive (which, according to the palm site, is how I can tell my update was successful). Is this because I didn't sync anything? Is there a way to check?
    4) In setup, what is the mail server I should be using? I have a T1 and ADSL in the office with static IPs. I use a DNS service to resolve the static IP that is currently active (they are set as failover) to a static name. That doesn't seem to work. For OWA, I use port 444. Can anyone offer suggestions on setting this up?

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    Interestingly, the press release says:

    "Offers security and central management - Security features for IT administrators include over-the-air password policy enforcement and remote wipe for lost or stolen devices."

    I don't any description of this in the Palm web pages (which are available right now):

    Anyone have any idea how this security feature works?
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    I moved from palm 1.5 yrs ago...missed Chatter a lot. I had the 6700, but just got the Sprint Q (LOVE it). Those of you looking for a good MS Push solution I suggest No its not free, but the pricing is reasonable. I have my gmail forwarded to my acct, and my emails are sent from my gmail acct. It's great knowing all my data is always backed up on my 4smartphone acct.

    Check it out. Welcome to MS Push, Palm users!

    (tapped out on my Sprint Q) =p
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    Well, I'm going to give this a provisional thumbs up. The good news is that it's an installed update... meaning I can take a backup before applying it and *remove* it if it turns out to be too draconian (esp the password/security stuff). But I'm not as convinced this will lead me to consider using VersaMail for even just Exchange messages. I can see using this for PIM and continue to use Chatter for email.

    As for Cingular, I suspect this is all about ports. We had serious problems getting Chatter EX going with Cingular until Marc worked through the details with them and documented a means to get mobile terminated data activated for PDAConnect users. I'm hopeful that having this enabled with Chattermail EX will also enable AS to do it's thing on Cingular. BUT... if Cingular enable AS for mediaNet, then I'll have a reason to downgrade my data plan.
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    bzzt! That lasted all of about 10 minutes. Requires me to sync my email to get push. bzzt! Doesn't add any kind of ability to process meeting requests -- which Chatter does. bzzt!

    Try again, Palm... next time with something markedly more useful than the 680 came with.
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    Anyone using this on a Treo 650 (with purchased Versamail 3.5)?
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    Just to let everyone know it's not a port issue on Cingular. I just installed the update on my unlocked 680 and direct push is working fine on Cingular. The remote address lookup is a great feature that I was sorely missing from my blackberry.
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    I installed the update..reset my Treo 700p (Sprint) as requested..did manual hotsynch to exchange mailbox...but when completed I still do not see "as arrives" as an option on the "when" delivery option on this definitely the "push" update (wasnt it supposed to be available on Monday and not before?) or am I doing something wrong...BTW chatter push works perfectly on same account, so I would imagine al my exchange server settings are correct
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sideshow Ben View Post
    As a user of both a Treo 750 and 680, I have a hard time understanding the demonization of ActiveSync/push on Windows Mobile and the lionization of its nearest Palm-based facsimile, Chatter.

    I have used the Windows push feature on my Pocket PC devices, and it has been nothing but a pleasant experience -- especially given that I'm a Mac user and that syncing is still an imperfect exercise even when using Missing Sync. With ActiveSync, I needn't worry about whether my Treo or Mac will freeze or act up during a USB sync -- it just does it wirelessly and instantly.

    Chatter, on the hand, I found to be a battery-draining resource hog that tended to slow down the Treo overall, and it had a cluttered and less appealing UI than it's much-maligned alternative, VersaMail. Though it's a good product, it reflects that it's written by a small company that (understandably) lacks the resources to make it as polished as it could be and should be.

    Not all Exchange admins foce password requirements and the like. Overall, I find the wireless sync aspect of Windows Mobile to be very Blackberry-esque, and something that a Palm-based alternative should aspire to.
    To say that ActiveSync is superior to Chatter because it syncs contacts and calendar items is one thing. But if you want to compare Chatter and VersaMail or even the pathetic PocketOutlook in terms of "polish" or features, may I suggest that you buy a clue?
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    will the update work with a media works plan on cingular, or does it require pda connect?
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    How are you guys getting the download? That link takes me to the default support page. Is it redirecting me based on a device check?

    Edit - found the download page and installed on my 650. Install app responded that it's not compatible with my device. They weren't foolin around! :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    To say that ActiveSync is superior to Chatter because it syncs contacts and calendar items is one thing. But if you want to compare Chatter and VersaMail or even the pathetic PocketOutlook in terms of "polish" or features, may I suggest that you buy a clue?
    Wow, skfny, you sound like a nice guy. I especially appreciate the "buy a clue" remark. My apologies for offering a personal opinion on a piece of software. I assumed that's what forums like this are all about. My bad.

    I gave several reasons why I did not take a liking to Chatter, the features and polish being among them. However, if you go back and re-read what I wrote, I mentioned first that Chatter drained too much battery time and slowed my system down to a crawl. I would tolerate this if -- IF -- it provided a user-experience that was superior to ActiveSync and/or VersaMail. It did not.

    You really shouldn't take these things so personally or seriously.
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    Actually, I think this is a perfect place to share perspectives on the different applications. Some will prefer one or another for a variety of reasons. As long as there's some idea of what leads you to prefer one or another, it can sometimes be a learning opportunity for the rest of us if there's a use model we hadn't considered.

    Personally, I prefer ChatterMail because it allows me to do push and polled email against POP, IMAP, and Exchange... and to handle things like sub-folders of those mailboxes. I use VersaMail for Exchange PIM sync (which gets me Calendar and Contacts on the 680).

    Would I prefer an ActiveSync push connection? You betcha. But after applying the EAS update, I fail to see the value in my situation for the following reasons:

    • Doesn't extend capability to sync data (no tasks or notes)
    • Requires me to sync email in addition to PIM (for push) even if I don't use versamail for email (I don't).
    • Allows remote admin to completely wipe my PIM data if they wish. That doesn't suit me because my device is mine and I use it part time for work purposes. If it was a corp device, I'd be totally cool with this.
    • In testing, it didn't seem to allow me to properly handle meeting requests even though the user doc says it should. They continued to just show up like regular emails... and Chatter already handles that with Exchange push just fine, thanks.

    Now, the way *I* use these products leads me to the path I've chosen. This might not work for everyone, but I enjoy hearing about what other people do since it can lead to interesting discoveries. Flame if you wish... it won't hurt my feelings.
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    Is anyone else experiencing resets after installing the update? I have an unlocked 680 and use mail2web's exchange. I installed it and in the space of two hours my 680 reset 3 times. It appeared to be when it was receiving mail during direct push. I have since removed it and the resets stopped. I was willing to try this over imap/chatter to see if battery usage was lower. The resets were a show stopper for me. Back to chatter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaytee View Post
    will the update work with a media works plan on cingular, or does it require pda connect?
    It should work fine on mediaNet (or whatever they're calling it now... SmartPhoneConnect or some silly thing) as long as you don't use push. The note there about Cingular not being supported very likely has to do with the issue we encountered using ChatterMail EX for push updates from Exchange. The answer with Cingular on PDAConnect was to enable Mobile Terminated Data (APN: internet; details here). But that feature isn't available with mediaNet. *shrug*

    Now, if Cingular chooses to they might able to find a fix for mediaNet... but since push requires the Exchange server to ping back to your device, it's not likely (because of the NAT firewall used with APN wap.cingular). My guess is you'll need to be using PDAConnect (isp.cingular or ispda.cingular) or Internet (internet) in order to get this working. But I *can* confirm that the internet APN on PDAConnect works *now*.
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    Does this require an update to the Exchange server? VersaMail is giving me an error trying to sync. I am not sure if an update was made since I do not admin the server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minusnone View Post
    Does this require an update to the Exchange server? VersaMail is giving me an error trying to sync. I am not sure if an update was made since I do not admin the server.
    The server-side requirements are listed on the EAS udpate page. Palm gets a black eye for web design on this one, but if you find the tiny, all but hidden "IT" link at the bottom, there's a page with more detail on the Exchange requirements.


    • MS® Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2
    • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

    Admins need to enable Activesync on server and allow HTTP or (preferrably) HTTPS for inward connections. Not rocket science, but still requires some IT involvement.
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