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    Im wondering why palm is the only one that makes palm phones. Why is it that you see every one and their mother make pocket pc phones. But palm is the only one coming out with palm phones.
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    Sony and Samsung quit for some reason.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    Sony and Samsung quit for some reason.
    That sucks anyone know why or if anyone going to make other phones
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    The simple answer is that most probably feel it is not worth the financial investment to make a device with the Palm OS. Maybe that will change if/when Palm comes out with a successor to the current OS.
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    Welcome to the tearful history of PalmOS.
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    according to access, these are phone running the palm OS.

    it looks like a list of every palm phone ever made though.
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    We can see by the number of consumers who dropped the palm os and went to Windows that the switching costs are low enough. The real market for the OS is comprised of the OEM who loads the device with the software and provides tech support. Then there are the carriers who dictate to the OEMs which phones they are going to push.

    Thus we can see that the process for spreading Palm OS is difficult to pursue. The popularity of the device with consumers is not the only driver and really is not the significant driver. I would claim that the carriers are the 800 lb gorrilla and if they tell an OEM that they are not going to offer their phone because of Palm OS, then palm os is gone.

    So the question becomes, what makes a carrier steer clear from Palm OS ?

    If they get a lot more customer service calls from that phone, the carriers are going to steer away from that phone. Who was first in the smartphone sector? Palm! Did the carriers get a lot of calls, Yes! Does windows get any less, probably not but the carriers already got burned and provided feedback to OEM's. Microsoft can make syncing much smoother with their own operating systems and Outlook. Thus the trouble that carriers have to deal with is less.

    Palm would have to release a phone that either eliminates the need for PC or make the integration with the PC so smooth that the carriers would get no calls for support. Then the carriers would clamor for Palm OS. Is this easy to do ? The answer is: no.

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