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    Quote Originally Posted by +Kardboard+ View Post
    Needs improved printing capabilities for the calendar, especially support for all the views. Makes it easy for PDFing and printing and sharing.

    add to that contact printing. ever try to print out your address book? Its a nightmare.

    I totally agree with you about the calendar printing it is so difficult. This shold be fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    ...what changes would you like to see in the desktop counterpart?
    Whilst the jury is (at least to some extent) still out on the eventual need to move to a web-based "virtual desktop" replacement, in the meantime how about moving towards what standards already exist, for example, dropping the Calendar part entirely, natively supporting iCalendar and bundling a copy of (say) Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning?
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    Im not sure if this has been mentioned by anyone else in this thread but...

    How about the ability to manage our songs and playlists? Since theyve added first realone player and now pocket tunes to the ROM, shouldnt they support this on the desktop side?
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