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    Help. My Palm desktop is not recognizing the USB setup. When I go under Sync and go to setup, I'm only finding Com 1 and Com 2. HOw do I get it to find the USB?

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    Is Local USB checked in the Hotsync manager?
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    there is local, modem and network under Hotsync. Nothing about local USB.

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    What device do you have?
    Was the USB link ever recognized?
    I assume you have the USB cable plugged into the PC, when you attach the Treo to it's end . . . nothing happens? . . . no sound beep or recogintion by the PC?
    If this is a recent purchase and you just installed the Palm Desktop, I would re-install the desktop and see if the USB link is put into play in Hot Sync Manager.
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    I may have found the solution. My Palm desktop at work has the local USB in the setup and my desktop at home doesn't . Maybe I have the wrong version at home. I may have the wrong version.
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    This is weird. I checked my version at home and it is the same version at work. Why can't I find local USB on my home software? Do I need to reinstall?


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