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    I have purchased this game of Arvale II: Ocean of Time this evening on my Palm Treo 750v. I have had no problem installing the game but the only big problem is that...I am not sure how to explain this...basically, the game is not exactly is rectangle (portrait)...meaning that when DeMenchev the character speaks, he has a speech bubble...but unfortunately it goes right off the bottom edge of the screen and there is no way I could read the rest of the dialogue. Also during the tutorial, has different options, something like inventary, use, map (whatever) and others at the bottom of the screen but it is OFF the screen. You know on the very edge of the screen of the game there is dashes or underscore all around the edge apart from the bottom.

    Am I clear? It is as if the display of the game is in fact 'bigger' than Treo itself or otherwise it is not a square. I tried to adjust the display size but it is not quite the same as you have on a desktop PC. I have been told to download the size of 240X240 - square, but it doesn't make sense.

    Please help! I like this game already...but it is not good if I don't have the FULL screen of this game and I can't scroll down to see the rest of the game. I got my mobile from Vodafone.

    I love adventure and role-playing. But is there a solution to this problem? Has there been other Palm Treo 750v users who has downloaded Arvale II? It would be very helpful for me to know. Thanks.
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    Thank you so much for that weblink!

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