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    I had just uninstalled Reset Doctor because something strange is happening on my Treo650 CDMA. But even without Reset Doctor my problem still persists...

    The fact is that I use to do a programmed softreset every night, using "Look at me" and "Mreset" combination. Then I notice (I do not know when my problem began) that after the softreset my default ring "Treo classic" had changed to "Alarm", every day... (BTW I had installed some time ago "Mini Tones" to create a mp3 ring and I was using it but now I deleted this ring, changing to Treo Classic again and I think this is the begining of my problem...I had deleted my mp3 ring from the phone.) Any help? Is reset doctor working? If so why it does not keep my "Treo Classic ring"? (BTW I had tried the options from the backup menu, saving when the correct ring was choosen, without any result). Thanks for any help,
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    Any help?
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    I have the same problem with BC and its alert. After a reset the alert gets set back to the default one.
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    OK, I discovered the problem.
    I have Profiles installed and as I deleted mp3 file ring every time Profiles changes to some "profile" that need that mp3 ring as it does not exists anymore it took the first one (Alarm).
    Sorry! My fault!

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