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    I had this issue on my 650 and now seem to have it on my 680 as well. (maybe even had it on my 600)
    On incoming calls I lose some functionality, such as looking up call history. On outgoing calls everything works perfect....
    Anyone else have this prob?

    I'm sure this has been covered but didn't even know where to begin to look....Thanks and feel free to guide me to the thread if it has been beat to death already
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    Huh? I just checked my Sprint 700p. I can access call history on incoming calls.
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    So u are saying that while on an INCOMING CALL, you can access your call history? Because I cant, thats why I am asking....
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    During the call, I press the "phone" button and then "call log".
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    Seriously dumb on my part. Thanks for waking me up..
    Dont know why I didnt realize that one
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    When I press the phone button during a call on my 650 I get a dialtone as if I am making a 3 way call and -Flash mode- shows up on screen. I press it again and I am back to the original call and then I can go to the incoming Call log. Its worked that way for as long as I have had it.

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    Hey Techprincess
    Been on my 680 for two months...all my 650 habits are forgotten already so I cant comment on your scenario.
    But I see you are from Miami and Silver Spring? I am in Hollywood, FL, and went to Towson St....

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