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    755p was the sherlock i believe
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    It's hard to believe Palm and Sprint don't have something else this month. Sprint is really out of the game. MotoQ is their only WM device, at least when I type in my zip, and the iPhone adds are on TV every night.

    If Palm is looking to use the same hardware for all there OS's, couldn't they just stick WM6 on a 755P and call it a 755W? Would they even need FCC approval if it's the same hardware? Might explain lack of leaks too if there isn't much to leak.

    Of course, that wouldn't be so great if they released a new WM6 treo without BT 2.0, Wi-Fi, EVDO Rev. A, etc. but it wouldn't be suprising. A lot of people would still buy it.
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    No hope for GSM/PoS. Perry, where are you?
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