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    When I log onto Yahoo! Mobile in Blazer (Treo 700p), there is a link "My Headlines" under the News section. It's supposed to show all the RSS feeds I have configured on my MyYahoo portal page, but instead I always get a message telling me to visit MyYahoo to add RSS feeds. Anyone able to successfully access their MyYahoo RSS feeds on the Treo?
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    Hi, I just checked it out and was able to access them. Unfortunatley, it seems to jumble all of them into one mess, disregarding whatever category you originally sorted them into.

    Also, it only seems to show headlines rather than snippets from the story.

    Have you tried Bloglines? As far as I know it too only has one category, but it seems much more mobile friendly to me.
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    Huh, I still can't access them. Even if I go via my PC's browser (, I get the same "Please add content" message. Anyone else have this issue?
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