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    i am dabbling with the idea of dumping my landline and my home internet, and instead adding another phone/provider to my 650/ Tmob combo, which I am happy with. I want to add either Verizon Sprint or CingularATT thus having 2 cellphones, and this new one would have net service.

    I have reservations about email/ net duties on a cell phone ( no laptop either ).

    What is considered the fastest net access on a cell phone?
    Are there numerous close contenders, or are one or two the best in terms of speed?
    Thank you
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    Depends on your location. Cingular's HSDAP has slightly higher speed but Verizon's EVDO has way better coverage.
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    Yep. whatever7 is correct. Cingular's 3G netowork is just being rolled out in a few select cities. It looks to be the speed king, but by a narrow margin when compared to EV-Do offered by both Sprint and Verizon. Cingular's HSDAP is so limited in coverage that if you're going to go outside the city where there is coverage, plan on dropping back down to regular GPRS/EDGE pretty fast.

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