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    It's getting to be upgrade time for me. For my next smartphone, I want two features which are just not available for the Palm OS - true push PIM (calendar, tasks, notes), and 3G GSM.

    I work with companies that have 1000 to 3000 employees and pretty small IT departments (1-5 people). I saw a giant surge in Palm Treos around the time of the RIM lawsuit last summer. But recently, I've seen a bigger surge in the number of Windows-based devices - which seem to be about evenly split between Treo and others. None of my customers are buying new Palm-based devices, and many are actively retiring them.

    About the only place I still see Palm OS are among sole proprietors (like me) and other very small businesses where the users get to pick their own devices.

    Furthermore, there seems to be a slow down in the development of new 3rd party Palm apps. Even some old standby apps are no longer maintaining their palm apps (Vindigo comes to mind).

    This is all anecdotal evidence, but it leads me to believe that the Palm OS is heading into the sunset.

    Anyone have any thoughts/evidence to the contrary?
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    Colbalt's lack of delivering multi-tasking to the PalmOS was a two year set back.

    If the Palm/Linux solution is not out in the next 12 months, the PalmOS is dead and it will be a future battle between MS and Apple OS devices, although Symbian may carve out it's niche.

    I believe we will see the Palm/Linux solution by year end. It's vitality will determine it's future.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Access has no interest in "Palm OS", but in bringing Linux to the mainsteram mobile world. FrankyG was just cropped out and sold so Palm could milk the final profits out of it. It is at EOL as we speak.

    Palm Inc OS sounds great considering the restitution of the original Palm and the hopes of the platform going forward. A few tiny shortfalls tho. #1 Money #2 Intellectual resources #3 Streamlined management. Palm Inc trying to take back marketshare from the likes of M$, RiM, Symbian, & now Apple is a joke. It's classic to little to late.

    Palm OS platform and economy, as we knew and loved it, is in it's sunset. Palm may milk a few more smartfones, a PDA or 2, and then they may return to bubble wrap to compete with $39 Franklin PDAs in the calculator section for a few years.

    The party is over. Incompetent and greedy management got their pockets lined and moved on. So it will be with us.

    All MHO. (and I hope I'm wrong!)
    Patrick Horne
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    There are a few Linux phones coming out in the next couple months on the US side of things. So it will be interesting.

    But yea, as a platform, the Palm OS is only good for keeping the current users happy. Unless something major can happen to it, it will not last much longer than this year as a viable OS for anything but low end devices.
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    I hope you are wrong too. I love palms OS I have tried to go back to MS and didn't like it. The Palm Treo is a simple practical business machine. Apple looks like a multimedia player not a communications device with no keyboard. I can read the writting on the wall as well. There are fewer and fewer new apps for Palm. Last year Palm sold as many if not a few more windows treos than palm treos. IF access doesn't bail out Palm the smartphones will be the same as the computers MS and Mac maybe with a small market share going to symbian.
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    From Engadget Mobile today:

    "an interesting series of interviews over at PocketFactory asks developers to throw in their $.02 ... The CEO of mobile game developer Astraware ... was more excited about a Linux-based possibility. Moreover, both the COO of iambic, Inc. and Stuart Dewar from Pimlico Software stressed that Palm's situation is nothing short of dire; with Windows Mobile 5 devices selling by the truckload (and not suffering OS battles all the while), it's giving developers less reason to focus their efforts on Palm applications. Additionally, building WinMo apps that could easily be ported to a Linux platform is becoming the most attractive option, which eventually leaves Palm trailing in the dust."

    CESD has been one of the most active and ardent Palm OS developers (he's responsible for Datebk5 and for Palm 5's Calendar app). In fact, his app is one of the only reasons I've stuck to the Treo this far (the other being Chatter). If he's really working on a WM version, then I'm done.
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    This is what I've been waiting to hear. CESD's opinion.
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    Eek...that does not sound promising. I am, however, interested in seeing a Linux phone.
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    Wow! Thats nearly a year ago, and since then not much has been heard of it. I think what has happened since is that Palm has bought the rights to Garnet development, meaning Palm is planning to roll its own future OS all on its own. This implies another two year setback probably.


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