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    I was wondering if any of you guys ever tried that displex display polish. I got my Treo 650 off ebay and it works great and all with no problem except the person who had it never put a screen protector on it and it got two small scratches on the touch screen. they are not too bad but I notice them when light hit the lcd. I thought about trying that display polish but I don't to make a small situation worse. Or should i just wait and have my touch screen replaced?
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    have you tried putting a screen protector on? It might make the scratches go away or be enough less noticable.
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    I have used some automotive scratch remover to take out some fine scratched. I can't remember the name, but it was something fine for plastic lenses.
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    RainX is the stuff to use.


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    I tried some, he lcd is clean but the small scratchesremain.
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    if youre not hip to the screen protector, gt a side mount holster for it.. I have one and my screen stays in tip top shape .. I take the phone out when i need it and its protected at all times...
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    The thing is, I have always used screen protecters. The treo 650 had two small scratches on the touch screen when I bought it. My only question was has anyone of the treo people on treo central used displex display polish to remove scratches.

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