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    Has anyone ever initiated service with a provider, tested the phone and then cancelled the service and returned the phone during their cancellation period?

    I currently have Verizon service and am considering purchasing the 700p and testing at the same time as I'm testing Cingular 750 and Sprint's 700p.

    I would essentially request new numbers with Sprint & Cingular and then cancel them once done. Once my decision is made, I would then transfer my number from Verizon to the provider if I decided to switch under a new account.

    I'm wanting to do this to test service providers and determine which phone I prefer and to see if I can justify the extra money for the 750. I'm extremely reluctant to purchase a phone when a newer model is available (700p), but wonder if it's worth the extra $100-$150 more.

    Does this make sense and has anybody ever ran into complications in doing this? Such as fees, reluctant reps, etc.

    Thanks for your help in advance!!
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    I use an unlocked Treo 650.

    I have done this "buy, test, return" deal with my current provider -- T-Mobile. I got (and gave back) the MDA, the SDA, and the Dash.

    Shhh. I bought an SDA off Craigslist and kept it. Cheaper than T-Mobile. No commitment. Way better.

    The people at the T-Mobile corporate store were extra helpful, never gave me any guff, etc.
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    You already had service with T-mobile, correct? I'm more concerned about starting a new service plan and testing it for 5 days and then cancelling service and returning phone.

    I don't think I'll have an issue with Verizon. I'll just buy and return phone since I already have service.
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    Both Sprint and Cingular have a 30 day return policy on equipment and service plans. I would strongly recommend signing up through a Cingular and Sprint corporate store as independent dealers might have different return policies.

    I have exercised both Cingular's and Sprint's 30 day return policy without issue.
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    Both may have a non-refundable activation fee, however.
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    Sprint waives the activation fee if the phone is returned within 30 days.
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