I use my Treo 700P to get emails from my Exchange Server via IMAP. I have 2 issues with it:

1) When I open emails I pulled onto the Treo, I want them to remain unread on the Exchange Server. I have been able to accomplish this by clicking on "Sync Server Folders" and unchecking "Inbox", but sometimes (at random and more often than not), whenever I get emails it rechecks this box.

2) I do not change my calendar on the Treo, I only alter it using Outlook when I'm in the office (or sometimes remotely from my laptop). When I'm in the office I do a HotSync every day, but what I'd like to do is have my Calendar be updated/replaced with the new calendar when I use the Treo to "dial in for email".

Is there a way to wireless HotSynch the Treo across the wireless web so that my old calendar entries on the Treo don't come back to my Outlook Calendar after they are taken out? Please let me know, thanks.