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    For almost a year, I've been blinded by the latest and greatest in "bling bling" of the cellular world...

    to recap:

    april, 2005 -- I buy a Cingular treo 650.. it works well for the most part until late, 2005... when i start to have problems with it.. after several warranty exchanges (either dead charging port or not syncing after a hard reset), I move onto an HP 6515a.. That works well until ..

    April, 2006 -- couple of exchanges later (won't active sync, random reboots ) I move onto an 8700c... Yes, I leave both the Palm world and the Windows Mobile world... It's been a good device.. no real problems (it has randomly rebooted a couple of times)...

    January 2007 -- I have a Treo 750 that I am upgrading to .. can you say "psyched out" -- I cannot wait for this phone.. (it's on a FedEx truck somewhere in Columbus, OH being delivered to my office)

    They say you always return to those things you know best.. In this case, I'm coming home to Treo world...

    And it's good to be home.

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    Welcome back, I hope you have better luck
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    Fed Ex delivered it around 12:30 or so.. I've switched out my bb unlimited for pda unlimited...

    Some initial observations..

    1) It's a lot thinner than I remember the 650 being... about 2/3 as thin as my 8700c..

    2) I love the soft-touch finish on the back... very nice...

    3) Stylus feels less sturdy than the 650 one did..

    So far I'm not able to hit the 3G network in Columbus, OH from my office... but I'll certainly keep an eye out for it...

    Any recommendations on hosted exchange services?


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