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    The thing that is so amazing is HOW MANY technophobes are out there. I meet almost no one who shares any kind of enthusiasm for any kind of technology, computers, treos, etc. Where are all of you guys?
    I'm with you on this. I get teased mercilessly by most of my friends b/c I'm the only girl they know who prefers PDA-shopping to purse-shopping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcope View Post
    I don't diagree but how hard must must someone try and how much effort should be put into using a device? Actually, the device should be easy to use and make the person's life easier. Putting forth considerable effort to me means the device is not doing its job.

    Let's admit it, Treo's have some major draw backs. They crash often, they don't multi-task, and the way the navigation is set up just plain sucks (see second complaint). I think the frustration from most people is, as others have mentioned, learning how to "get along" with the Treo. Don't get me wrong, I like my Treo but I also _love_ my Nokia 6620. Put a qwerty keypad on it and a larger screen and it would kill most other phones on the market. But I do like my Treo 650 also... it just has some "character" flaws that I've learned to work around. Once a person learns these, and accepts them, they can see that the good things mostly outweight the bad.

    (I'm not trying to rag on the Treo's in this post... just trying to put things into perspective).

    can't say that my treo crashes much. once upon a time it did but ever since i learned that it needs its 15MB of ram or it will act up and then learned how to give it to it its been doing just fine.

    wow can you use it that much in a sentance? lol
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