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    My Treo 650 will not power down the screen. When I turn off the power using the red button, the screen flashes off and on and off again, remains off for about 10 seconds and then powers on again. When the screen powers on again, the keyguard is on and the screen stays powered on until auto-off turns it off. It turns off with the same off/on/off and does it all again.

    I have turned off Bluetooth. Same behavior.
    I have turned off the phone. Same behavior.
    I have soft reset the phone. Same behavior.
    I have removed the battery and put it back. Same behavior.

    This is causing battery drain since the screen is on almost all the time. I've turned off Bluetooth and dimmed the screen a lot to conserve the battery. Maybe there's a 3rd party utility that can help control power even more.

    Has anyone seen this before?
    Does anyone have a solution?

    Thank you,
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    Check all Birthdays and Tasks in early January to see which one(s) have an alert that started in December. Move the alert to January so they are both in the same calendar year.
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    Wow - that worked. Thank you so much for your fast and correct info. I was thinking my Treo was a goner. How did you come upon that bizarre little tidbit? (is there a FAQ of these kinds of weird issues out there somewhere?)

    Thanks again,
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    It is a general Palm OS 5 bug which pops up every year around this time
    Checkout Palm Knowledge Base article 26450
    Nice find, detective
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    Hey, holvy! Good to see you here too! Cool! So, ya got your 680 then, eh?
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