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    I was going to make movies for sd cards but was brought to my attention about movies piracy so I am not going to indulge in that activity now.
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    I have compressed twelve movies for my treo 650 and they look great and has cd quality sound and came up with a pretty cool idea. I will be working on compresing all the movies I have and renting new ones for any one who wants to buy movies on sd cards for thier Treo 600, 650 , 700 & 750. You need to have TCPMP I don't know about other movies programs yet and they have been complimented by alot of people I have shown and some were requested already. They will be to be bought in one or two ways.

    1. On the cd-rom already compressed and ready for hotsync to your sd card.
    as many as 3 compressed movies on each cd-rom. Each movies is done
    in 15 to 18 chapters so you can load all or specific chapters.

    2. Already on the sd cards ready to watching 15 to 18 chapters with
    instructions for watching for those not familiar with TCPMP they will as
    follows ( 1movie-256/512mb ) or( 2movies - 512mb depends on the movies )

    Who will like see this happen and who will be willing to buy movies?
    You may want to pass this idea by these guys.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I don't want to considered a video Pirate and I don't want to hurt anyone. I will have to do some legal research first.
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    The Treo 680 plays movies well with Kinoma Player 4 EX or TCPMP. But, to create movies for sale (as opposed to taking your own dvds and watching them) is certainly illeagal. There is no chance a movie company would allow you to do this without some sort of massive license... basically paying the full cost of each copy before you reformat the movie and sell it. Whatever deal Sony has to create psp movies, that is what I am talking about. Good luck!
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    I usually buy my dvds and rip them to high quality divx files to archive on my hard drive. Then I re-encode to a smaller file for my handheld.
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    I am just going to enjoy encoding for my own treo and stay out of all the contraversy. Since we are on the subject of movies and treo. I am planning to buy a full version. TCPMP seams easy to use and does good for my 650. Which is the easiest and the best one to use .

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