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    Has anyone or everyone experienced this? I downloaded a bunch of games and apps for palm devices. When I install them on the treo they seem to run fine through instructions and set-up. but when the program is actually fired off i get dual compressed views on about the top 1/2 inch of the screen. I can actually make out that the controls are functioning its just purely a display issue. I installed about 6 games in a row that did the exact same thing. Is there some old video driver that I can install or??? or??? Any helpful comment would be great. Thanks all.
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    Richmondatwork, are you at work? That's a no-no if so.

    Are these for games for 160x160 displays or 320x320?
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    I am self-employed so I am always at work But the boss doesn't mind.
    Good question. I went back and looked at several of the apps and I can't answer that. the only info I could find was that they would work for any palm OS (3.1 or greater) and they are 256 color

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