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    I just got the Treo 680 (Cingular) and I do love it, but I notice that on Myspace I can read messages but not "approve" comments/image comments, nor do my replies send. I always get an error message, "Sorry - unexpected error this has been forwarded blahblahblah." Anyone know why?

    Also - I see this debated on a lot of forums, and I can't find a solid answer, when I use Verichat for MSN/AIM am I using SMS messages or just data (note my Verichat signs off when my phone idles, so I don't worry about the SMS - always on thing).

    If anyone helps me, the n00b, it'd be appreciated.
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    Myspace doesn't work well with Blazer. Try Xiino., that works for me...
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    if you are in the app and connected, you are using data.

    if you are out side of the app and have stay connected with sms, the first im is via sms.
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    I have given up on verichat since it is now discontinued. I am now trying mundu( started to day), and so far so good.

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