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    I know the 750 is coming out with cingular, but that uses windows mobile correct?

    I've never been a fan of WM, and would LOVE to use the regular Palm OS. I figure the unlocked 750s will be on their way out as well.

    Are the 750s ALL going to be only operating on the WM OS? Will the 700s ever come out on the GSM network? I know those can be either palm or WM.
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    The 680 is the best you will probably get on GSM under the current Palm OS. The current Palm OS is not capable of the simoultaneous voice/data that is required for 3G on the GSM side. There are a few threads on this here if you want more details.
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    Try out the 750 when it comes out, you might find that you like WM5 if you give it a good chance...
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    well, it just seems I always run into a block with it (i had an 8125) since I use a macbook pro.

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