is there any way or software that will allow me to sort contacts by the date I added them?

MS Outlook can do this by "arrange by date" option, but I can't find any address software for Palm that can do this.

I tried a few and the closest thing I found was supernames, but it's lacking in detail and quick access and instant dialing.

Im in a high volume contact business and I loose track of recent contacts and need to be able to recall who made recent inquiries, but there is only the alphabetical view, but with nearly 1,000 contacts, I loose track of which John called last week :-)

Any help would be appreciated!

PS, it does seem to be possible because when I sync my treo to my laptop's MS outlook, it will show in outlook the recent contacts in chronological order, but syncing to MS outlook every time someone new calls is not practical

I'm trying to hold off switching to ms mobile from palm as long as humanly possible :-)

thank you