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    I currently own a 700wx treo and my carrier is Sprint, I have no complaints about the carrier, I am just wondering if some treo users could steer m in the right direction I am thinking about going to a 700p treo, would that be a down grade? What are the pro's and con's between the 2 other than the windows, I mainly use my my 700wx for surfing the internet, texting, and the mp3 player and I would also like to use it to check my email accounts if possible, I don't use the micro word or any of the buisness stuff on there I also have probs with having to softreset my 700wx which bugs me sometimes. Can someone tell which treo is the easiest route to go.

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    The WX was supposed to cure the memory advantage that the 700P had over the 700W.

    Beyond that -- I have not used the WX so I can not offer a side by side comparison.

    I am used to the PalmOS and have a large library of PalmOS software -- so I am going from the 650 to the 700P for the EVDO and greater memory. The 700P does everything you list -- you will have to let a WX user tell you whether it is "better" than the 700P on any of them.

    I think your first bet is to reslove the soft reset issue you are having with the WX.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    People will be evenly split on this one. For what you are using I say 700p. With that said, how would you like to view TV on your phone? With the 700wx and slingbox you can watch anything on your current cable television, an option most 700p user would like but can't have. The palm version really is for those who have stayed loyal to a platform that needs a serious upgrade. Some have spend hundreds on add on applications to do virtually anything and don't see a reason to change everything. If your new to all this, stick with your windows and figure out its quirks.

    I however am staying loyal to my p.
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    Beat me to reponse Sir Perry.
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    I personally dislike the windows mobile platform, but I admit that I haven't used it in a long time. I found that it acted more like your windows desktop than a mobile device, which to me is very annoying. I also hear from friends that have it that they are constantly having to reboot it like you do your desktop computer. Although I don't know if it's the phone or the system which causes such poor stability.

    One thing I can say positive about the WM system is that I like the .NET mobile programming framework for it more than the Palm development tools, but if you don't know how to program it wont make a difference.

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