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    AMSTERDAM, Dec 23 - Dutch navigation systems company TomTom (TOM2.AS) said on Saturday it had won a U.S. lawsuit brought by its main rival Garmin (GRMN.O) of the United States.


    ``The decision finds that all five Garmin patents asserted against TomTom in the lawsuit are either invalid or not infringed by TomTom's popular line of navigation products,'' it said in a statement.

    The summary judgment from the United States Western District Court of Wisconsin ends one legal battle with Garmin Corp. and Garmin Ltd.

    Still pending is a complaint filed in August at the Eastern Texas U.S. District Court in which Garmin says TomTom is infringing on a patent for a ``portable navigation system and device with audible turn instructions'' and demanded that TomTom stop production and marketing of devices using the technology.
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    Hmph, more patent trolls? So Garmin thinks it has sole proprietorship over GPS navigation?
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    It's probably the audible turn-by-turn directions that they are asserting a patent over. Wives everywhere who tell their husbands to turn right at the next intersection better watch out, they may have a suit served to them next!

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