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    So I've been with Sprint forever, at least 6 years and I got vision added to my plan when it was introduced and I got a Treo 600 when they were released. I had the normal vision plan for $10 a month. Earlier this month I upgraded to a Treo 700p and thought it was the bomb. Well I just got my bill and it appears they removed my vision plan without telling me! Now I don't constantly use the data and I don't connect it to my computer, but I do send/receive photos, use google maps, web browser, email, and I even checked out the sprint tv just to see what it was. Well without being informed that they removed my vision and doing all that stuff adds up to a lot of extra money! The $10 a month for unlimited data was the only reason I've stuck with Sprint for so long.

    I haven't called Sprint yet to ***** at them, I will tomorrow, but I'm really looking at dumping them after all these years for this. Cingular has the Treo 680 and my wife already has an account with them because they use GSM, so I'm thinking about selling my 700p and going to the 680, although it looks like Cingular wants $40 per month for unlimited data on a pda! Since they use a SIM card I figured I could get one of the free phones with the media net, sell it and buy a 680 else on ebay or something. Would I still be able to use data if I did this?

    I could stay with Sprint, but I'd HAVE to get a 2 year agreement and I'd be paying $60 for less service than I was getting! No sms when my previous plan was $40 with unlimited data & unlimited sms!

    The run down, if I switch to Cingular it'll be $50 a month w/200 sms and I'll switch to the 680, Sprint will be $60 a month w/0 sms and I keep my 700p. Talk minutes are all about the same and it doesn't matter that much to me.

    Anyone got any advice?

    PS I'd actually like to go with Helio if they had a palm phone.......
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    Power Vison should be only $15 a month. If you paid full price for the phone, you shouldn't have to reup your contract . If you got money back for the 700P, you most likely had your contract extended. You also should have time to revert back to your old plan and return the 700P if you don't like it.

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    My unlimited Power Vision is free due to a similar thing happening to me.

    Make sure you get to retentions and tell them you want to leave because you were not told that your vision plan would change. Do not pay a penny for it. Keep calling until you get the right person who will do the right thing for you.

    I ended up with 2 charges which were also credited each month.

    They charge me 8 a month for unlimited texting and 10 a month for Power Vision then they credit 18 a month. While I hate Sprint with a passion, you can make it work.
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    I didn't buy my phone from sprint, picked it up on ebay and I haven't had a contract for at least 2 years. One thing I would like about using a sim system is that I don't have to ask permission every time I want to switch phones.

    Power vision is only $15 a month, but they make me change planes to something more expensive with fewer everything.

    Tomorrow I'll keep calling, but if they refuse to give me what I want, will I be able to switch to Cingular and get a treo without paying for the treo web access? How is Cingular's data connection? Probably not nearly as fast as EVDO but is it even as fast as the non-EVDO connection?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PolyPill View Post
    The $10 a month for unlimited data was the only reason I've stuck with Sprint for so long.
    and perhaps the only reason for so many others.
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    other than a SIM card - does Cingular offer good PHONE service in your area? I mean, you seem to be getting pretty upset over $5 extra a month - and as stated above, you need to ask for an adjustment. I have Vision, 500 SMS and N&W at 6PM for free plus a 10% discount for just asking nicely. Most importantly though is the actual phone service. I might be able to swing a good deal with Cingular, but their sevice is not that great for where I mainly use my phone.
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    In the cities and major roads they're the same, in the country side Cingular is better, but I rarely go there and when I do it's usually to get away from these kinds of things. And it isn't just a $5 increase, it's an $80 data charge fee and another $20 a month for less than what I had, to get exactly what I had it'd be an extra $35 a month.
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    Make sure they didn't place you on the MODEM plan. You do NOT want the modem plan which costs around $40/month. You simply want the UNlimited Power Vision plan which only costs around $15/month, plus another $5/month for a measly 100 text messages. I pay $20 a month for my services with my Sprint 700p. Sprint did jack up the charge an extra $5 when I upgraded from the 650 to 700p. I noticed they dinged us more after Sprint and Nextel merged.

    Again, make sure they aren't charging you for the more expensive modem plan, because they automatically assume you will be using your Treo as a modem for internet access on a laptop, hence the higher charge. Tell them you want the cheap, cheap, cheap, cheapest unlimited data plan which is around $15 to $20 a month.
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    I just read your posting about switching to Cingular, and this is just advice. I would call Sprint and ***** them out, but don't switch to Cingular, I had a 650 with them and the service was HORRIBLE, so horrible that is was not even worth owning a treo, everyone I know who has had cingular and a owned a treo really never had good things to say about them, customer service is not that great either I went to Verizon after them and the service was great I found out however that Verizons unlimted data plan is only considered 5mg and anything over that you have to pay for also there speed on the internet is not that fast, sprint's is just as fast. All in all Sprint can be confusing sometimes, but you have to take the good with the bad, after trying these other carriers out I am now back with Sprint and enjoying it
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    I just called Sprint, the lady was confused as to why vision was dropped, so she re-added it, although at the $15 rate instead of $10 and credited my account for the data charges. I'm not going to complain about that, and she didn't require me to switch voice plans, but I'm pretty sure I lost my unlimited text messages.....not that I use text messages very much, but it still sucks losing service like this.

    I was researching Cingular more, I'd like the GSM because I travel international a lot and I do have a European sim&phone, that's why my wife has them, but I checked their EDGE coverage and it isn't even available in my state. So I guess it's sprint for now until Helio offers a pda phone.
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    [QUOTE=funky_monkj;1157034]I had a 650 with them and the service was HORRIBLE, so horrible that is was not even worth owning a treo, everyone I know who has had cingular and a owned a treo really never had good things to say about them[QUOTE]

    Cingular service (all providers at that) will vary from one geographical location to another. Sprint/Nextel in my town is ****-poor unless your in the city, probably the worst provider in my town. You should research all the providers, look at their coverage maps, discuss with friends and neighbors what works good for them and go from there.

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