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    As a new 700p owner, I just noticed that homemade M4A (AAC) ringtones play only once, where the builtin MIDI ringtones play until a call is answered or ignored.

    Is this normal?
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    Testing today, I found that MP3s behave properly...they play until the call is answered/ignored. No one out there using the AAC/M4A ringtones?
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    personally, i dont think you will notice that much difference in audio quality of a ringtone. just convert to MP3
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    That's what I've done. But it's weird that the supposedly 'treo-native' M4A ringtones don't work properly where MP3s do. M4As also have the advantage of being installable from a web link or SMS. I haven't tried to install MP3s via that route, I've just used MiniTones to install them from SD. As far as audio quality goes, there's no difference.

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