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    hi -
    I'm in mourning because my Tungsten E2 I'm thinking of getting a treo to have all my data and my phone together. But I don't want to pay more for monthly service. So....
    1) Is it worth it to have just the treo as a phone w/o internet?;
    2) If so, what are people's thoughts about buying a used treo and if good, what site should i use? EBay?; and'

    3) This all depends on this: could I use my SIM card from my Nokia 6102 in my treo? If so, which model treo shoudl I get?

    thank you SO much!!!
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    1) Yes
    2) Yes, eBay is OK.
    3) You need an unlocked GSM Treo 600 (if you want cheap), 650, 680, or 750.
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    Do I ask the seller if it is "unlocked"? (not sure what that means!) - thanks!
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    Yes, you ask the seller if the seller does not write if it is unlocked. You also need a GSM treo, which means that 700? will not work, and neither will CDMA phones.

    I have a 650 that i use without a data subscription, i dont use the internet on the phone if i can avoid it.
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    The only fiscally "safe" way to run a Treo - especially a 700 series with EVDO data - without a dataplan is to request that a data lock be put on your account. Its easy for people to SAY "I will never run data" but its becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the temptation. Consider that - atleast on Verizon - running a single streaming video, or downloading a modest-sized PDF file alone could take just a couple of minutes AND cost you more than the monthly charge of an unlimited data plan.

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